How to Reset HP 93, HP 94 Color Cartridge after refill ? HP printers often have built-in functions that allow the printer to recognize when the ink cartridge is low. To recognize the level of the ink cartridge, the printer must read information from a chip that is built into the cartridge. When HP refill cartridge with a chip, as an HP 94 color cartridge instead of buying a new cartridge, the chip can fail to show proper reading of ink, making it impossible for the printer to read the level ink cartridge. You can solve this problem by resetting the cartridge chip. 

things you need: HP 93,  HP 94 cartridge refill,  2 additional HP 93,  HP 94 cartridges 

1 Place the HP 93,  HP 94 cartridge to fill, or that the printer can not read in the printer. When you place the cartridge into the printer, it asks if you want to print a test page. Click "Yes" to print the test page with the cartridge.
2 Remove the cartridge refilling of the printer and set aside, make sure the contacts on the bottom of the cartridge do not touch any surface. Place a second HP 94 HP printer cartridge. Again, when asked to print the test page, click "Yes" and allow the page to print.
3 Remove the second  HP 93,  HP 94cartridge from the printer and get the third HP 94 cartridge in the printer. Click "Yes" in the message that appears when you print a test page with third-party cartridge. Once the test page is printed, remove the third-party cartridge from the printer.
4 Returns the first cartridge that the printer could not be read into the printer. Print a test page. The HP must recognize the HP 93,  HP 94 cartridge as a new cartridge and the ink in the printer must be reset

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